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LFC-3M-XX Miniature Compression Load Cell with bottom screw

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Compression force sensor



1. Miniature Compression Force Sensors are made of 17-4PH Stainless steel and have a robust construction.

2. These force sensors have high accuracy.

3. This kind of force sensors utilizes strain gauge technology.

4。 Most capacities of these force sensors are available and can be modified or customized to meet requirements。 



Miniature Compression Force Sensors are mainly applied in force measurement in small space installation, such as feeling tester for keyboard switch, compression measurement for hot and cold lamination machine, and grasping force measurement for robotic hands。

Technical Specification

Capacity 50N~120N

Rated output

2.0 ±10% mV / V

Zero balance

± 2 % F.S.


0.5 % F.S.


0.5 % F.S.


0。5% F。S。

Creep (30min)

0.5% F.S.

Temp。 effect on output

0。5 % F。S。 / 10ºC

Temp. effect on zero

0。5% F。S。 / 10ºC

Input impedance


Output impedance




Recommended excitation

5 -10V

Maximum excitation

15 V

Compensated temp range

- 10 ~ 60 ºC

Operation temp range

- 20 ~ 80ºC

Safe overload

120% F。S。

Ultimate overload

150 % F。S。

Cable size



Red: + Excitation   Black: - Excitation

Green: + Signal    White: - Signal


Modle 量程 D1 D2 D3 H1 H2 SR A B C D
LFC-3M-20 50N-500N 20 2.5 15.5 12 10 10 7.5 5 2 4.5
LFC-3M-25 100N-500N 25 5 19 16 13.5 10 13 9 3 6
LFC-3M-32 1KN-10KN 32 8 25.4 16 13.5 16 13 9 3 5.3
LFC-3M-38 20KN-50KN 38 11 30 16 14 50 13 9 3 5.2
LFC-3M-51 60KN-120KN 51 15 41 30 25 30 14 14 4 12

Custom made is available。

We can produce the products according your requirements.



1.   Why I choose you?

A: Our company,Shenzhen Ligent Sensor TECH Co。, LTD, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of  professional in the automation field for many years, with strength of customized items, and providing the system solutions, with good quality and pretty competitive price。 Especially, our products have been successfully applied in testing equipments for Apple products and car manufacturers, such as latest iphone 5s/5c, ipad Air, and Apple TV。 The quality of our instruments is excellent and dependable。


2.   What are your main products?

A: Our main products are including Pressure transmitters, Pressure transducers, Pressure sensor, Level Transmitter, Differential pressure transmitter (DP transmitter), Load cell, Intelligent indicator, Control instrument and etc。


3。   What industries are they mainly applied to?

A:  Our products are applying in the fields like food & beverage plant, water and waste water treatment, oil & gas, electric power, scientific research, ocean, boiler, coal mine, forklift weighing system, HVAC systems, air condition, fuel pressure measurement and other process control industries.  


4.   How do you ensure good product quality?

A:  We have a complete quality control system, all of our products are fully checked by IQC, OQC departments before ship to our clients.


5。   What’s your MOQ?

A:  No MOQ limits, so 1 piece for test purpose at first is acceptable。

release time:2016-05-10
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