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China Things arrival of spring? Focus sensor is the key

source:release time:2016-04-09

In mid-September, the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced, "issued on 10 things develop special action plan notification." "Notice" issued jointly by the 14 government departments, put forward 10 specific actions include top-level design, standards development, technology research and development, application and promotion, industry support, business models, security, government support measures, laws and regulations, security and personnel training, etc. plan and clearly the inter-ministerial lead department. "Notice" The ministries jointly issued the overall consideration of the military coordination mechanisms and information security work, including technical research and development special action plan led by the Ministry of Science, on schedule to complete the proposed project by the end of the key technologies of the year。 It is worth noting that the current round of Things special actions adopted a more open attitude, even for information security issues raised Things to attract international technology, human resources, improve information security research and development, production as safeguard content.

November 2009, the State Council had agreed to establish a national sensor network innovation and demonstration area in Wuxi, set up by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led the relevant ministries and Jiangsu Province, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the composition of the leading group of inter-ministerial coordination.

"The concept of things estimated at Wuxi will also be able to eat the next year!" Lee (a pseudonym), is a research and development center in Wuxi, China networking was a middle-level of technical personnel. It has recently been in the dark looking for new job opportunities undoubtedly Lee has told the current situation outside Wuxi national sensor network innovation and demonstration area。

As an important part of the new generation of information technology industry, networking and cloud computing since 2010 set off a boom in the country. But the NDRC had chosen five cities as cloud computing demonstration application point different things used to be in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, "honor", the upper bound of the central government had hoped Here you can build a "perception of China" in the center.

However, in previous years, the concept of the boom, and a plurality of second and third tier cities are keen to emulate different things Wuxi vigorously planning, similar to Beijing and Shanghai cities such as relatively calm. As for the country to stir up the important task of the development of integrated circuit industry as early as two cities are aware that domestic foundation in the field of integrated circuit is very thin, in the field of digital technology products and also some results, but in the field of simulation technology sensors close to zero, in particular, equipment manufacturing in the field of high-performance sensors almost all imported from abroad.

"China, the United States and Europe is the sensor network in Japan was critical gaps in the field of perception, but even traditional domestic industrial sensors are doing well, emerging Internet of Things smart sensors will be able to do a good job?" Many people told the domestic IT industry reporters asked in a dismissive tone. As the concept of things closest to the practical stage of the smart grid, smart meter National Grid [microblogging] in the pilot phase of bidding solutions all from the United States and Japan and other large companies.

"Meter chips fact is not simple, though able to turn, but a large difference in the accuracy of many domestic chip manufacturers are low meter imitation of foreign models by reverse engineering, sell low-cost rural power grid can be used also。" More who bit the power industry is also confirmed to reporters that the real level of domestic analog integrated circuits.

In fact, the sensor construction as the national economy and national security of the basic components, has been relevant government departments。 From "fifteen" to the "Eleventh Five-Year", the ministry continued to set up research and development projects subject automotive, industrial process control and other fields of high-performance sensors through 863. "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology major projects since 2008 have established research and development topics A / D and D / A class analog technology IP core. However, these scientific and technological achievements through the acceptance and remains stuck in the "sample" stage, can not successfully enter the market stage and the product stage.
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