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Sensor is used widely. Industry needs to force

source:release time:2016-04-09

In recent years, the Internet has developed into one of the strategic high ground a new round of economic and technological development, which is of great practical significance for the promotion of economic development and social progress。 As the front end of the perception of things - sensors, it has an extremely important role in the development of the networking industry. Domestic sensor market in recent years has maintained a sustained growth, and the growth rate of over 15%, mainly in industrial process control, automotive electronics, communications, electronics and consumer electronics four areas, while the share of industrial and automotive electronics share of about 42%.
Sensor is used widely
Now more and more areas began to increase on the sensor applications, such as in the automotive industry, factory automation, networking and other aspects of the application, China's sensor industry in this environment we need to be able to fully meet into the direction of domestic needs.
People in order to obtain information from the outside world, must resort to the sense organs。 The people rely on their sense organs, in the study of natural phenomena and laws as well as production activities in their function is far from enough. To accommodate this situation, we need sensors。 Therefore we can say, the sensor is an extension of human facial features, also known as electrical features.
Arrival of the new technological revolution, the world entered the information age。 In the use of information in the process, we must first solve is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is the main way and means of production and natural areas of information.
In modern industrial production, especially in an automated process, use a variety of sensors to monitor and control the production process parameters, so that it behaves in a normal state or the best condition, and achieve the best quality product. Therefore we can say, not many excellent sensors, modern production loses its foundation.
Sensor products in urgent need of domestic development, can not rely on long-term import market analysis: "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" China's security industry output value of average annual growth of around 20 networking applications from government policies to support the market introduction phase, the sensor as the basis of things, in the industrial upstream chain, at the beginning of the development of things to benefit deep。 But the sensor has become the bottleneck of the development of things.
According to the analysis, the development of the sensor industry behind, sensors domestic demand, especially high-end demand is heavily dependent on imports, localization huge gap, imports accounted for 80% of the current sensor, the sensor chip imports accounted for 90%. Domestic demand urgent. Sensor manufacturers occupy the domestic market from low-end development trend, the domestic sensor manufacturers in three ways: First, private or joint venture products accounted for the low-end market, the traditional means of technology and equipment to meet the requirements of the vast majority of manufactured products, development of the market in good condition。 In addition to individual manufacturers in foreign production of individual species will get the chip out of the domestic packaging-related products occupy a larger share of the market, other high-end products are the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in
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